7 Types Of Almonds In India And Health Benefits

Types Of Almonds In India

The types of almonds in India. Ladies and gentlemen, India is now the number one consumer of almonds in the world. As a matter of fact, this has been the case for a little while now, as the population of India has taken to heart this ancient fruit which has been part of the Indian landscape probably for millennia. 

The almond is a beautiful, medium-sized tree of the rose family. There are several slightly different subspecies of this family and they all bear close relations and resemblances with the peach, plum, and apricot. The almond consists of the edible seed, surrounded by a hard outer shell. The fruit is sweet, decorative, and commercially important. But Indians have not taken a special liking to the almond because of its looks or taste, they have embraced it because of the many health benefits that it possesses. Let us first look at some of the types of almonds in India, then we come back to look at the benefits. 

As the number one consumer of almonds, all species of almonds can be found in India although in different quantities and so varying degrees of appreciation by the country’s nationals. However, we will restrict our descriptions to the names and where they come from. 

Types Of Almonds In India

  • 1. Mollar 

Molar means softshell in Spanish, and this term covers all the soft-shell varieties. However, when people say molar, they often mean the Mollar Tarragona, which is the principal molar variety. This is the type most widely sold in the shell for immediate consumption because the shells are so easily removed. The fruits are sweet and succulent, and the flavor is long-lasting.

  • 2. Macron

Marcona almonds are another sweet variety of gourmet almond that comes from Spain. This almond variety is very popular not only in Spain but in Mediterranean countries, as well as in India as well.  Marcona almonds (as they are alternatively called) are far sweeter, moister, and softer than the other varieties of the fruit, with a buttery flavor and texture. Apart from fruits, nuts are also popular. They are sold raw, roasted, and fried.

  • 3. Ferraduel

This is a French variety of almonds which is a Hard, wide, and flattened shell, with thin, dark brown skin. It comes to India from the region of Nimes in France.

  • 4. Ferragnès

Ferragnes are another variety of almonds that come from France, actually from the Cristomorto region in France. Fruits of this variety are quite large in size, slightly pointed, and usually have brown skins, not very rough.  


Next, we have the California almonds

The following are almonds that are identified to come from California in the United States of America. Some of these types of almonds are argued to be hybrids because they bear close resemblance with some of the more noted and original varieties. Furthermore, almonds do not originate from North America. Whatever almonds are found there are the result of human cultivation.

  • 5. Nonpareil

This variety is the classic Californian variety. The fruits are slightly elongated. These almonds have very pale and thin outer skin. The shell is also very thin which means that the nut is quite thick. This is unsurprisingly a favored variety among the crowd of people that love the nuts of almonds which are eaten raw, cooked or fried, or even with pastries. 

  • 6. Texas

It is unclear why this variety of almonds are named Texas, while they are from California. The almond variety has big, thick fruit, are slightly elongated and flattened. 

  • 7. Ne plus ultra

 ” Neplus” as it is often called is another popular Californian variety. The appearance of this fruit in the shell is attractive, elongated, and quite beautiful to look at. The almond is long and flat, usually with folds and wrinkles. The nut is 55-60% of the entire fruit, which means the nut is quite large and therefore a favorite for those who love it. 

We have now completed a brief overview of some of the popular varieties of almonds that can e found in the Indian markets. Let us now turn our attention to the health benefits of eating almonds for which they have become so popular among the Indian populace. 

Types Of Almonds In India
Types Of Almonds In India

 Health benefits of Almonds

  • 1. Good Source of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is quite important in the body because it protects the body cells from any kind of free radical damage. This is also one of the powerful antioxidants and fat-soluble Vitamins, It has been proven to reduce the damage taking place due to factors such as smoking, environmental pollutants and even poor diet. Well it so happens that almonds are rich source of vitamin E, and that is the main reason it protects any kind of oxidative damage that may occur at the cellular level. 

  • 2. Reduces Inflammation 

Almonds are rich with healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. These natural chemicals help in dealing with inflammation wherever it occurs in the body. There could be any reason for chronic inflammation, such as injuries, arthritis. This can also happen when the body starts considering that it is in a constant attack of some virus or bacteria. This can lead to many health issues and the condition can be worsened by poor diet. If there is a high inflammation then it means, you would be risking your life. Eating almonds can drastically reduce the oxidative stress present in the body and thus, it protects the body from any further damage taking place.

  • 3. Protects against Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

According to several studies, supplements with Vitamin E can protect against cognitive decline in persons at risk of mental diseases or elderly persons. Experts affirm that almonds alone can provide nearly 17% of the regular riboflavin intake that protects the brain from the decline of cognitive abilities as well as  from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and other such diseases.

  • 4. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

According to research made, it has been proven that people who eat a high quantity of almond fruits have less risk of breast cancer as compared to those who survive  on junk foods or random snacks. It also reduces the stress of prostate cancer. Therefore, it seems reasonable to infer that almonds can do a lot to prevent cancer.

  • 5. Reduce Blood Pressure

Ranking high among the root causes of heart attacks and stroke is high blood pressure which has been identified as a trigger and a warning signal of serious cardiovascular trouble. Almonds can be a lifesaving solution as it has been proven to help promote blood flow through the arteries in subjects between the ages of 20 and 70. Experts have recommended a daily intake of almonds to the tune of 50 grams a day to help the body promote the circulation of blood.

  • 6. Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a big issue these days, as there is much debate about its involvement in the proliferation of heart disease.  With that being said many have opted to avoid this kind of food altogether, while others delve deeper to choose between the so-called good cholesterol and the so-called bad cholesterol. However, while avoiding other kinds of food, studies have shown that the almond is a kind of food not to be skipped. 

Therefore, eating almonds on a regular basis will keep your cholesterol level balanced, and will increase the presence of high-density lipoproteins as well as ensures that low-density lipoproteins are reduced in the body. 

That’s all about the 7 types of almonds in India.


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