Top 10 Richest Women In India 2021

Top 10 Richest Women In India
Top 10 Richest Women In India

The richest women in India presently. One of the most interesting things about India is how the country’s GDP keeps growing impressively at a superb rate. As things stand now, India can boast about having one of the largest economies in the world (as far as nominal GDP is concerned), and she is expected to keep higher as long as appropriate measures are being put in place. 

With a nice environment that supports the flourishing of businesses, wealth is continually being circulated in India. Though not fully perfect, there are still a lot of people doing fine in India, and there are many Indians who are very rich. India can boast about having a lot of millionaires, and it is one of the countries with a high number of billionaires too. According to a report, by 2027, the number of millionaires in India is expected to experience a superb surge. And so, this article is meant to explore the richest women in India, and what we will do is to highlight the ten richest amongst them. Let’s get to business. 

Top 10 Richest Women In India

Savitri Jindal
Savitri Jindal
  • 1. Savitri Jindal

The richest woman in India is Savitri Jindal, and she sits as boss of Jindal Group. Her company is a very large one – one of the most valuable companies in the country with tons of workers, and also invest in various sectors (including steel and cement).

She took over the position after losing her husband Om Prakash Jindal – who founded the company and scaled it to an enviable state before his demise. Nevertheless, Savitri has proven her business skills, as she has been able to ensure the flourishing of the company, and ensured the increase of the Group’s revenue earnings.

She can boast of having a net worth that is as huge as US$5.9 billion, and she remains the richest woman in India as things stand now. It should also be added that she is a politician who is famous for her political exploits, particularly in Haryana (where she lives).

Richest Women In India

  • 2. Vinod Gupta 

Vinod Gupta and Anil Rai Gupta, mother and child, are attached together in this, as they have been transformed via the possession of their 60% shareholding of Havells India.

Havells India is a valuable company -one of the most valuable companies in the country, and the duo’s possession of the 60% shares has made them very rich (enabling Vinod Gupta to be placed on the second spot of the list of richest women in India). 

Actually, the company was founded by her late husband and it has grown impressively well into a huge electrical and lighting fixtures company. In fact, they now churn out such products like washing machines and fans, and in India alone, can boast of having more than ten factories. 

It should also be added that they are worth US$3.5 Billion, and as Vinod Gupta sits second on the list of richest women in India, her family remains one of the richest in the country. 

Top 10 Richest Women In India

  • 3. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw sits on the third spot of the list. It is impressive to note something superb now. While many other women arrived this status due to inheriting their last husband’s fortune, Kiran’s case is different, as she worked hard to grow Biocon Ltd into the money bag it is today.

Biocon Ltd is the company that has increased her wealth adequately and shot her to the skies. She founded the company back then in 1978 and was able to groom it dedicatedly. Right now, she can boast about being the chairperson of the biggest biopharmaceutical firm in the country, with a net worth that is as huge as US$3.5 billion.

Smita Crishna Godrej
Smita Crishna Godrej
  • 4. Smita Crishna-Godrej

Smita Crishna-Godrej is the fourth richest woman in India and she became part of the clique as a result of having 20% stake in the total assets of Godrej family. Well, just 20% is strong enough to make you a billionaire here, as a result of value. She has a net worth that is around US$2.7 billion and she resides in Mumbai.

Leena Tewari
Leena Tewari
  • 5. Leena Tewari

Leena Tewari is the next on the list, she inherited USV India from her late father and has seen her life transformed. The pharmaceutical firm was established in 1961 by Vithal Gandhi with Revlon, and it has been developing progressively ever since. 

Right now, Leena can boast about having a net worth that is around US$1.9 Billion -making her one of the richest in the world. It should, however, be added that USV Indian is being run by her hubby -Prashant, and the companies keep taking giant steps in the country. 

  • 6. Jayshree Ullal

Coming next is Jayshree Ullal – sitting on the sixth spot of our list, with a net worth that is pegged around US $1.2 Billion.

This woman is the boss at Arista Networks. The company is a very lucrative one that makes a lot of money annually as revenue, and as such, the 5% stake she has in the company is enough to ensure she remains in the league of billions. 

She doesn’t live in India though – she resides in the United States of America (California) and has a place in the Forbes billionaires list.

  • 7. Anu Aga

The seventh richest woman in India is Anu Aga, and she stepped up after the death of her husband. She has a 62% stake in Thermax and has a net worth of US$1.1 Billion.

Her company is a huge engineering firm in India that has employed tons of people since it was established years back. Anu, who lives in Pune, has made her daughter boss of the company and tries to contribute to the cause of humanity. She, however, remains a very wealthy woman – a billionaire who prides herself as the seventh richest woman in the country. 

  • 8. Shradha Agarwal

Shradha Agarwal is the eighth with a net worth that is around  Rs. 8,200 crores. Impressively, she isn’t in the category of women billionaires which inherited their fortunes from their late husbands or fathers, but she worked very hard for hers. 

She established Outcome Health some years ago and has ensured the company grew triumphantly against all odds. The healthcare technology firm is in Chicago and is a well-known one on the world scene. 

  • 9. Vembu Radha

The next woman on the list is Vembu Radha. She boast of having a net worth that is around Rs. 5,800 crores. And so, she sits on the ninth spot of our list. 

One thing that should be noted is that she also shares similarities with Shradha Agarwal, in the sense that she is a self-made businesswoman too. 

Vembu is an industrious and hardworking woman who controls three superb firms -Zoho Corporation Private Limited, Janaki Hi-Tech Agro Private Limited, and Highland Valley Corporation Private Limited. Hopefully, she will move up the ranks in the coming years. 

  • 10. Sheela Gautam

We are wrapping up the list with Sheela Gautam – the tenth richest woman in India who sits on the tenth spot of the list. Sheela is also a self-management billionaire in India, and she is very popular in the country’s business circles. 

The woman founded Sheela Foam as far back as in 1971, and she has ensured it grow into a very huge one that makes millions of dollars each year. And so with a net worth that is around Rs. 2,800 crores, she remains the tenth richest woman in India. 

As, out of the over 100 Indian billionaires that made it to the Forbes list of billionaires, only 6 Indian women were included). But then, there are a lot of Indian women who are doing fine as far as finances are concerned, and who are able to find themselves in the category of millionaires and billionaires.

Just as stated earlier, there are a lot of very rich women in India, and many of them just couldn’t make this list because it is being limited to ten names. Hopefully, more women will soon start dominating the general list in the coming years. 


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