Top 10 Richest Villages In India 2021

Richest Villages In India
Wealthiest Villages In India

India is a south-eastern country located in Asia and we would be listing the richest villages in India.  India, which is also known as the Republic of India is known for its massive population and large mass land area. As of 2018, India has a population of over 1.3 billion people making it the second-most populous country in the world. India is known for its diverse cultures, deep spiritual practice, and alternate piquant cuisines. India shares boundary to the north with China, Nepal, and Bhutan, to the south by the Indian Ocean, to the west by Pakistan and to the east by Bangladesh and Myanmar. India is the sole and most practicing democratic country in the world.

India is a country that has multitudinous villages that solely has their backbone. According to the 2018 population census, over 68% of Indian resides in rural areas. Also, according to the 2010 population census, India has up to 649,481 villages in total. Villages in India are peaceful, tranquil and calm. This is one of the major reasons why many people prefer these villages to the cities. These villages are free of the hustle-bustle going on in the cities providing you with a cool and calm atmosphere to relax and enjoy your day. Indian villages are the number one contributor to the country’s food production as the well-fertilized lands there continue to yield to in great extent. There are over 600,000 villages in India, but in this article, the richest villages will be enunciated. Below is the list of the wealthiest villages in India.

                                 Top 10 Richest Villages In India

  • 1. Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

Hiware Bazar is the richest village in India with a monthly per capita income of RS30, 000. This village is located in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra state. Hiware Bazar is popular for its irrigation and efficient water conservation plans. The village has modern buildings, bustling markets, and immaculate roads in it. The village is quite upgraded compared to other rural areas in India, public defecating and tobacco smoking are also prohibited in Hiware Bazar.

There are various intensive programs in the village which are made to widen people’s knowledge about HIV/AIDS and also to excruciate the benefits of family planning. The harvest in this village moved from its 2002 hundred tonnes to 6000 in 2004. Also, the milk production in Hiware Bazar drastically improved by 150 liters per day in the 1990s to 4000 in 2010. This village contributes significant and major support for India’s development entirely.

  • 2. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is a village located at the banks of the Tungabhadra river, east-central Karnataka. This village is the pilgrimage centre for Hindu believers. Hampi has been in existence since the 14 century and has been visited by Persians, Portuguese, and Europeans travellers who also claim the richness and exquisiteness of the village. The village is a UNESCO world heritage site with ancient tombs, towers, monuments, and treasures. This village is also known for its bustling markets and buoyant economy.

Richest Villages In India
Wealthiest Villages In India
  • 3. Maraog, Himachal Pradesh

Maraog village is also referred to as ‘Apple King ‘and is located in the Himachal Pradesh state. The village is renowned for its high rate of apple exports.  A business of export is suitable and can be nicely done in this village. Companies like Real and Tropicana are the sole source of income for residents in Maraog.

  • 4. Madhapur, Gujarat

Madhapur is a village in Rangarredy district and also a suburb of Hyderabad. This village is known for its ICT advancement and specialization. A major area in Madhapur village is popularly known as HITEC CITY which has the greatest concentration of IT/TES formations. Around the early 1990s, Madhapur was only a small and rocky village with a low population. Now, Madhapur has turned to the site of a concentration for modern BPO hub and IT.

Madhapur is also a preferred location for international conferences and national meetings which can take place in Hitex conventional centre, Lemon Tree Hotel, Novotel, and so on.

  • 5. Punsari, Gujarat

Punsari is sometimes referred to as the smartest Indian village. The village is located in Sabarkantha district, Gujarat state. This village has advanced technology devices that aid their farm and commercial activities. In Punsari, free WIFI is enabled for the residents. Punsari has been awarded the best village in India before. Besides, the Indian government has been taken steps to ensure the empowerment of women and tight security for the village.

  • 6. Baldia, Gujarat

Baldia is also one of the most prosperous and richest villages in India. This village is highly regarded because of its high internet connectivity, blossom economy, the good transport channel, and IT advancement. The village has up to 8000 residents whose overall worth is more than RS 12OO crores.

  • 7. Dharnai, Bihar

Dharnai village is the first village in India to be powered entirely by the solar power system. This solar system achievement has a great impact on India resident’s life. Most villages in India are known to be short of good electricity supply which leads to the setback of the concerned villages’ economy.  Dharnai village has a good electricity supply and quite a blossom economy which makes it one of the richest villages in India.

  • 8. Pothanikkad, Kerala

Pothanikkad is a village located in Ernakulam district, Kerala state. This village is the first in India to achieve 100% literacy. Pothanikkad is a name derived from Malayalam words; Poth means buffalo, Anaa means Elephant and Kaddu which means forest. The wild forest with buffaloes might have been the inspiration behind this name. Pothanikkad is currently the most socially developed and educated village in Kerala.

  • 9. Khetwadi, Maharashtra

Khetwadi village is one of the richest in India. This village resident engages more in agricultural activities. Khetwadi has many magnificent temples and monuments in it. The village has been in existence for a long time and these ancient temples in it signify its richness and wealth since then.

  • 10. Kokrebellur, Karnataka

Kokrebellur is also one of the richest villages in India. The village is located in Maddur, Mandya district, Katarnaka state. The village is known for its respect for birds as the natives have a special belief about them. They believe these birds are the carrier of fortune and prosperity to the village. The village has a large bird sanctuary which has now become a centre of attraction to tourists.

That’s all about the richest villages in India 2020.


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