Top 3 Richest Villages In Haryana 2021

Richest Village In Haryana
Wazirabad, Haryana

The richest villages in Haryana. Haryana is a State among other States in the Republic of India, situated at North India Region. Their Official Language is Hindu and Haryanvi, some parts also speak Punjabi.

The state was initially in the East Punjab until it was partitioned on Nov 1,1966. Haryana in itself has 22 districts that helps in administrative functions, 7,356 villages with a 1,34,94,734 male and 1,18,56,728 female which gives it a sum total of 2,53,51,462 inhabitants with 48,57,524 houses.

Haryana is known as the land of milk, khaat, hooka, Sugarcane, Oilseeds, cottons, Vegetable and Fruits.Things that made Haryana famous apart from its agriculture is that Haryana is one of the most wealthiest State in India. We will be checking the richest villages in Haryana.

Richest Villages In Haryana

  • 1. Wazirabad 

Wazirabad is in Gurgaon district of Haryana State. It is a large village with a population of 8,279 persons living in 1461 households. In 2016, the Gurgaon district was renamed Gurugram district. Enormous and growing companies have been instituted in Gurugram and the popular place to find most large-scale industries in this district is in the Cyber City on NH8. It is known as the home of  IT & Fortune 500 companies. The cyber city is popularly called “The Futurist Commercial Hub”.

Richest Village In Haryana
Wazirabad, Haryana
  • 2. Faridabad 

Faridabad is considered the most populous State in Haryana and the top Industrial center, it is in the capital Region close to the Indian Capital New Delhi.

The Indian government enlisted it in the list of Smart CitiesMission; A program that aims at developing and transforming Smart Cities in India.

Faridabad is further marked out as the eighth hypersonic flourishing city in the world and the 3rd in India.  The total inhabitants of this great city is 1,404,653.In 2018, Faridabad was described by World Health Organization (WHO) as the second most populous city in the world. Apart from being enlisted in Smart Cities Mission among other 100 cities in India to be developed, Faridabad has evolved to be Self-supported and competent. The city has wide roads, educational Institutions, commercial and health centers, tall buildings, exquisite malls. The different sectors that yield progress for them are: Industrial Sectors, Residential Sectors, and Agricultural Sectors.

A part of Faridabad is generally called “Greater Faridabad”. The Industrial Sector is known for its production of motorcycles, refrigerators, garments, shoes, tires, switch gears  etc. Faridabad has a technology hub that helps in sustaining and advancing Innovation and Startups. The Agricultural sector is known for henna production,the village’s henna is the best quality in the world, and they are the largest exporter of henna in India with an annual return of $35million- $42 million.

There are numerous large-scale companies in Faridabad, the city is considered a chock-full of big companies in Haryana. Companies like; Havells India Limited, ABB Group, Larsen and Toybro, JCB India limited, Indian Oil (R&D) India Yamaha Motor PVT limited,Whirlpool India Ltd, Bata India Ltd, Eicher Tractor,Beebay Kids wear, Goodyear India Ltd. It is also recorded that more than 5,000 producers of auto parts are situated in Faridabad, as well as other large-sized Manufacturing companies. Apart from the countless Industries in this city they also have good recreational facilities.

  • 3. Yamunagar 

The Yamunagar village is initially known as Abdullahpur. It is known for its band of paper industries and plywood industries, they are also popularly known for supplying fine timber to large-scale industries.

Presently, Yamunagar has become popular for its geographical expansion due to large number of industries in the city. They also produce expert equipment and machinery for petrochemical plants, paper and sugar production, raw materials for the production of the above is also easily accessible in the village.

Several developmental work has been done in the village of Yamunagar, the other part of the village is also know for its stainless Steel Utensils and Brass.

They are blessed with natural deposits like fertile soil, water, and convenient climate, good for agriculture this is why farming is also a great part of Yamunagar. They also have nice places for resort, recreation and a very good idea for vacation.

The government of  Haryana makes policies that are favorable to Investments and Industries this attracts the eyes of investors and makes Haryana a verge of Industrial revolution.

That’s all about the richest villages in Haryana.


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