Top 10 Richest Politicians In Karnataka 2021

Wealthiest Politician in Karnataka
Priya Krishna

Current Richest Politicians In Karnataka, Karnataka is a state in Southwestern India. The land has been populated since ancient times, and at one time was an important seaport because the southwestern-most part of the city meets the Arabian Sea. In this state, there are two high profile regions being Bangalore, and Mysore.

Bangalore (now commonly known as Bangaluru) is a high-tech city that not only has some interesting technology companies within its boundaries but also has become quite popular for its modern shopping malls and other big-city attractions. In Mysore, you will be impressed to find some lavish temples including Mysore Palace which was once the domain of the Marahajas who ruled the area. You can also find relics like temples, stone chariots, and Hindu temples, reminding you of the Ancient kingdoms that once ruled here.  

In today’s India Karnataka has elected politicians who formulate policies, and direct proceedings in the state institutions so as to keep the city functioning in an orderly manner, for the benefit of all. However, there has been plenty of talk in the media about the role of money in the elections, as many have complained that the state is held hostage by the wealthy, especially by those in the Real Estate business. 

Join us now as we find out who are the wealthiest politicians in Karnataka.

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Karnataka

Wealthiest Politician in Karnataka
Priya Krishna
  • 1. Priya Krishna 

Priya Krishna who was born on the 27th of April 1984 is an Indian Politician from Karnataka. He is a member of the Indian National Congress. His party is the Indian National Congress. He was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka from his Govindarajanagar province in Bangalore, Karnataka in 2009. He was 25 years old at the time. He comes from a notable family who is into real estate business and politics. His father was once a minister. During the 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections, he was said to be the richest politician in Karnataka with a personal wealth estimated at 1,020 crores ($132 million US dollars.)

Richest Politicians In Karnataka
Suresh Byrathi
  • 2. Suresh Byrathi

Byrathi Suresh is a member of the Indian National Congress from the state of Karnataka. He won the Member of Legislative Assembly election for Hebbal Constituency. He was born on the 19th of July 1972. He is a member of the Congress Party. Before becoming a politician he was first an Agriculturist and continues to do farming even now.  He is reputed to have a fortune estimated at about $52,400,000 USD making him the second wealthiest politician in Karnataka. Suresh Byrathi is married to Padmavathi Byrathi and they are blessed with a son and daughter. His wife has also ventured into politics; she contested for the Hosakote constituency in 2019. 

K Bagegowda
K Bagegowda
  • 3. K Bagegowda

Bagegowda is an Indian politician from Karnataka he is from the Basavabagudi Constituency. During the elections, he filed an affidavit as part of the asset declaration in which he declared that he had assets worth about Rs 319 crore ($41,789,000 USD). He has 4 cars including a BMW, Benz, and Range Rover. He is affiliated with the JD political party. 

Richest Politician In Karnataka
Nandish Reddy
  • 4. Nandish Reddy

Nandish Reddy is an Indian politician from Karnataka. His constituency is the KC Pura constituency. He filed an affidavit in which he declared to have to have Rs 303 crore ($39,693,000 USD). He has at least 11 cars and a tractor. It is worthy of note that he had 13 criminal cases against him in court, including criminal conspiracy and intimidation.  

M Krishnappa
M Krishnappa
  • 5. M. Krishnappa

He is a notable personality. He has been a minister for housing. He is quite popular for private housing layouts which he constructed in Bengaluru. They call him Layout Krishnappa. His constituency is the Vijayanagar constituency and his net worth is estimated at Rs 235 crore ($30,785,000USD) makes him the fifth richest politician in Karnataka. He runs a real estate venture in partnership with his son. 

  • 6. B. Gurappa Naidu 

B Gurappa Naidu is an Indian politician from Karnataka. His constituency is Padmanabhanagar. He is 61 years old, and his party is the Congress party. During the recent elections, he filed an affidavit in which he declared assets worth 168.77 crores ($22,139,000 USD). He is noted as a scholar and has helped broker several business deals. His policies are usually centered around the people, particularly the needs of the poor. He was the chairman of the Karnataka state small industries development corporation.

  • 7. Ramalinga Reddy 

Ramalinga Reddy is an Indian Politician who is from the state of Karnataka. He is 65 years old, and his constituency is the BTM Layout constituency. His party is the Indian Congress party. He filed an affidavit in which he declared assets worth Rs 66.16 crore ($8,666,960). It is noteworthy also that his wife owns jewellery as follows: 1.5 kg in gold and 9.5 kg in silver. He owns 2 cars. He quite a controversial figure; as of 2016 there were 22 FIRs cases booked by the police against him, and they included forgery, criminal conspiracy, and land grabbing cases.

  • 8. Satish Reddy 

Satish Reddy is an Indian politician from Karnataka. He is worth about 61 crores ($7,991,000), according to the affidavit which he filed during the 2018 elections. His constituency is Bommanahalli, and his party is the BJP party. He has some high-profile cars in his collection; there is a Porshe, an Audi Q7, and a Maruti Baleno in his collection. He has gold weighing about 3.25 kg, and silver worth about 50 kg.  

  • 9. TN Javarayi Gowda 

TN Javarayi Gowda is yet another wealthy realtor from Karnataka state. He is a relative of the other Gowda listed in this post, and it is said that when the wealth of himself and his brother are combined, they are the richest on the list. He has extensive investments in properties and lands that are in prime locations. His party is the JDs party.

  • 10. SR Vishwanath 

SR Vishwanath is an Indian politician from Yelahanka Constituency in Karnataka state. He filed an affidavit in which he declared assets worth 35 crores ($4,585,000 USD). It is important to note that among his declared assets are 3.5 kg in gold, and 10 kg in silver. 

Conclusion On The Richest Politicians In Karnataka:

As you have seen from this post, politics in Karnataka is the domain of real estate moguls. The only way to become a politician of note in the state is to first make your mark in the real estate business and join the brotherhood of realtors. Does it make one wonder whose agenda the politicians really promote: the will of the people or the agenda of the wealthy?

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