Top 10 Richest Persons In Uttar Pradesh 2021

Richest Persons In Uttar Pradesh
Amitabh Bachchan

The richest persons in Uttar Pradesh are not the only interesting things about this state. There are a bunch of other interesting things about the state. For example, this state has the highest population among all states in the country. According to a reputable source, Uttar Pradesh is stated to have a population of over 200 million. In other words, if this state happens to be a country, it would rank as one of the most populous in the world. But anyway, the state’s population isn’t what we intend to discuss.

Uttar Pradesh is a state full of very wealthy people. There are a lot of millionaires in this state. And not only that, but we also have a very high number of billionaires who are from Uttar Pradesh. To give a tip as regards who and who would be discussed in this content, we’d be discussing people like Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Akhilesh Yadav, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Raghuraj Pratap Singh, Jimmy Sheirgill, Leena Tiwari, Subrata Roy, Yadupati Singhania, and Syed Safawi.

Top 10 Richest Persons In Uttar Pradesh 2021 

Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan
Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan
  • 1. Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan

Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan is one of the richest men in Uttar Pradesh, although he might not be as popular as some other men in this article. While the 59-year-old studied Architecture in school, he happens to be primarily a politician. Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan is not only a wealthy man, he is also a powerful man.

Richest Persons In Uttar Pradesh
Amitabh Bachchan
  • 2. Amitabh Bachchan

The Indian movie industry is one of the most successful in the world. And Amitabh Bachchan happens to be one of those who have been able to make fortune from this industry. This 77-year-old man happens to be an actor and a movie director. And he was also once a politician.

There are a good number of movie this man has been involved in. Some of these movies are: Bhuvan Shome (1969), Bawarchi (1972), Balika Badhu (1975), Tere Mere Sapne (1996), Hello Brother (1999), Lagaan (2001), Parineeta (2005), Jodhaa Akbar (2008), Swami (2007), Zor Lagaa Ke…Haiya! (2009), Ra.One (2011), Kahaani (2012), Krrish 3 (2013), Mahabharat (2013),Kochadaiiyaan (Hindi Version) (2014), and The Ghazi Attack (2017).

Akhilesh Yadav
Akhilesh Yadav
  • 3. Akhilesh Yadav

Uttar Pradesh is home to a lot of politicians, and Akhilesh Yadav happens to be one of those politicians in this state. Majority of the men in this article are over 60 years of age, but Akhilesh Yadav is only about 46 years old. In other words, the 46-year-old is a very smart man.

Akhilesh Yadav was first elected to a political post, in 2000. And ever since, he’s occupied one political post or the other.

  • 4. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

There are a good number of people who know Vijay Shekhar Sharma, but if you don’t then let’s introduce you to him. This man happens to be the founder of Paytm. Paytm is a very popular company in the country, so you should now have an idea of who this man is.

The 41-year-old is one of the youngest in this article, and he also happens to be a billionaire. Even though, the wealthy man didn’t come from a very rich family, he has been able to amass so much wealth, legitimately. Well, for some people, this isn’t a big surprise as the man has always shown great interest in business, from a very young age.

  • 5. Raghuraj Pratap Singh

Here comes another politician, Raghuraj Pratap Singh. The politician is about 51 years of age. He has been in politics for a very long time, and his success can partially be attributed to the fact that he’s from a wealthy home. Raghuraj Pratap Singh is still a politician, and he’s one of those people we believe would be growing a lot more wealth, in the next few years.

  • 6. Jimmy Sheirgill

When discussing the richest people in Uttar Pradesh, a man like Jimmy Sheirgill is not a person we can afford to leave out. This 49-yeat-old is a Bollywood actor who has got a lot of money. He’s been involved in a lot of great movies. And to name a few, Jimmy Sheirgill took part in: P Se Pyaar F Se Faraar, Tom, Dick and Harry 2, De De Pyaar De, Family of Thakurganj, Jhootha Kahin Ka, Judgementall Hai Kya, Mukkabaaz, Veerey Ki Wedding, Phamous, Radhe Shyam, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster 3, Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, Gun pe done, and Zero.

  • 7. Leena Tiwari

India is a country where the majority of wealthy people are males. So when you see a female making it into an article like this, you ought to accord her some respect. Leena Tiwari is one of the top 10 richest persons in Uttar Pradesh. This woman happens to be a politician, and she’s a great example that you don’t have to be a guy, to be very wealthy.

  • 8. Subrata Roy

For a very long time Subrata Roy has been one of the richest people in India, and we don’t see that coming to an end anytime soon. The man is a 77-year-old man who founded the Sahara India Pariwar , in 1978. He’s furthermore one of those people who have the highest number of employees.

  • 9. Yadupati Singhania

Yadupati Singhania is a member of the Singhania family. And in case you don’t know what this family is, Singhania is a prominent Indian family. There are many prominent members of this family, and some of them include: Lala Juggilal Singhania, Lala Kamlapat Singhania, Sir Padampat Singhania, Kailashpat Singhania, Lakshmipat Singhania, Gaur Hari Singhania, Govind Hari Singhania, Gopal Krishna Singhania, Shyam Hari Singhania, Vijaypat Singhania, Ajaypat Singhania, Hari Shankar Singhania, Bharat Hari Singhania, and Raghupati Singhania.

  • 10. Syed Safawi

Syed Safawi is a man who has served as the CEO of many big companies in India. This man has served as the CEO of VLCC. He also happens to have served as the CEO of Viom Networks.

That’s all about the Richest Persons In Uttar Pradesh.