Top 4 Richest Persons In Chennai 2021


The richest persons in Chennai are among the the top richest in the country, and their wealth make them worthwhile of being discussed. And for those who don’t know, some wealthy people like Kalanithi Maran, Arun Pudur, Mallika Srinivasan, Amm Vellayan, and K M Mappillai, are all from this city, you shouldn’t leave this page without devouring the whole of it.

In this article, we intend discussing these 4 richest people in the city. We’d be taking a look at how they made their money, awards, childhood, etc. And for people who have little idea as to what Chennai is, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Aside that, there are many bodies which have named this beautiful city one of the top places to visit.

Top 4 Richest Persons In Chennai

Kalanithi Maran
Kalanithi Maran
  • 1. Kalanithi Maran

Kalanithi Maran is no-doubt one of the richest people in Chennai. And not only that, he also happens to be one of the billionaires in the city. Unlike some other wealthy people in this city, Kalanithi Maran is not very popular, but this doesn’t mean he’s a man to be underestimated.

The man was born on July 24, 1985, into a middle-class family. In other words, he is one of those billionaires who rose from almost nothing. His road to money-making started in 1990, when he started a monthly magazine called Poomaalai. And about three years after starting this magazine, he founded a TV station called Sun TV. Three years after the TV station was founded, the company went public, shooting up Kalanithi Maran as a very wealthy man.

The man currently has a net worth of about $2.4 billion, but this is not the highest he has ever had. In 2010, Kalanithi Maran had a net worth of about $4 billion.

Richest Persons In Chennai
Arun Pudur
  • 2. Arun Pudur

Arun Pudur is another very successful man who is from Chennai. And just like Kalanithi Maran, he was born into a middle-class family. But despite being born into a middle-class family, he refused to allow this to be a barrier, and he was able to become a millionaire at the age of 21. There are billions of people who have been unable to achieve what Arun Pudur has achieved, and we believe he should be accorded great respect.

While the 42-year-old became a millionaire at the age of about 21, it only took about 5 years more, to become a billionaire. But even though Forbes reported they are yet to confirm the magnitude of his wealth, we have reasons to believe the man is just as wealthy as he claims.

As of the time of writing this article, Kalanithi Maran works as the president of a company he founded, Celframe.

  • 3. Mallika Srinivasan

Very often, when the richest people in a place are being discussed, we often find only men. But this time around, things wouldn’t be so, as we have Mallika Srinivasan on this list. Mallika Srinivasan is a rich woman in this article, and she happens to be a 61-year-old woman.

The woman who studied Mathematics happens to be very intelligent, and this is one of the major factors behind her success. It is very uncommon to see women achieve the kind of thing Mallika Srinivasan has achieved, so she ought to be given credit for the success she has been able to achieve.

Furthermore, Mallika Srinivasan is a woman who has often been named one of the most powerful women in India. Not only that, she also happens to be the recipient of a good number of prestigious awards. And some of these awards include: First Business Woman of the Year award for India, Zee Astitva Award for Exemplary Women, National Leadership Award, Business Woman of the year Award, Entrepreneur of the year – Manufacturing, and ABLF Woman of Power Award.

As of the time of writing this article, Mallika Srinivasan has connections with the following organizations:

Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Indian School of Business, Indian Institute of Technology, AGCO Corporation, Tata Steel, and the U.S.-India Business Council. At the U.S.-India Business Council, she serves as one of the Global Board of Directors.

  • 4. Amm Vellayan

Amm Vellayan is hands-down another of the richest people in Chennai. He’s one of those wealthy folks born into wealth, and he has been able to take full advantage of this opportunity. The 67-year-old became a member of the Murugappa family, when he was born on January 9, 1953.

And not only that, he also happens to have served as the Chairman of the family business. Amm Vellayan was the Executive Chairman of the Murugappa Group till 2018. However, he is still currently the Chairman of a bunch of other companies. Some of these companies in question include: Coromandel International Limited, EID Parry (India) Ltd, and the Fertiliser Association of India.

While Amm Vellayan may have been born in India, the man schooled not only in the country, but also in foreign countries. He studied Industrial Administration at Aston University [United Kingdom], and went ahead to obtain a Master’s Degree from the University of Warwick Business School [United Kingdom].

The 67-year-old man has furthermore held some important positions in some important organizations. For instance, he was once the Vice President of Federation of Indian Export Organisation. The man has furthermore been the President of ICC, as well as the President of All India Cycle Manufacturers’ Association.

His name is also among those who have severed as Directors of EXIIM Bank. And lastly, Amm Vellayan was also a director of the Indian Overseas Bank.

And like many other very wealthy people, Amm Vellayan has been involved in a legal case. In May 2015, he was charged by SEBI, for something that has to do with the acquisition of Sabero Organics by Coromandel International.

As of the time of writing this article, the 67-year-old man is stated to have a net worth of about $805 million, and we see him becoming a billionaire, really soon.

That’s all about the richest persons in Chennai.