Top 10 Richest People in Punjab 2021


The current wealthiest person in India and the list of top 10. Punjab is a state in northern India. The state is bordered by the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, and then to the east, there is the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, while Haryana is to the south and southeast. It is bordered by the Pakistani province of Punjab to the west. The Indian state of Punjab covers an area of 50,362 square kilometers and is the 20th-largest Indian state by area. The population is 27,704,236 inhabitants.

The economy of Punjab is the 14th-largest state economy in India with a figure of US$73 billion in gross domestic product and a per capita GDP of US$2,100. Punjab is primarily an agriculture powered economy due to the presence of abundant water sources and good soil. 

In this post, we want to know the richest men in Punjab, whose enterprises contribute to the state’s machine, and whose input helps put the state on the map.

Top 10 Richest People in Punjab

  • 1. Rana Gurjit Singh, Congress

Rana Gurjeet Singh is a sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly and also a former Cabinet Minister of Punjab from the Kapurthala Constituency. Apart from being a distinguished politician Rana Gurjeet Singh is a notable entrepreneur. Singh migrated to Punjab in the year 1986 and set up a kraft-based paper mill in dist. Ropar. The paper mill opened up even more doors for him, and today he has at least 2 sugar mills in addition to the paper mill.

He is one of the biggest men and richest person in Punjab, a fact attested to by the fact that he is one of the biggest single employers of labour, and perhaps the biggest industrialist in Punjab. He is not just influential, but also extremely popular. 

He has had his share of controversy; On 25 December 2016, a criminal complaint against Singh was filed for an alleged assault against a rival politician. This news made headlines and cast Mr. Singh in bad light. The issue was later settled.

  • 2. Shiv Lal Doda, Independent

Mr. Shiv Lal Doda is the biggest liquor baron in the whole of the Punjab region. He has numerous outlets displaying his brand and colors. Apart from his own stores, he is the major supplier of liquor to most bars, hotels, and such recreational establishments in the region.

 Mr. Doda has built for himself a business empire that has attracted both praise and criticism. His methods of doing business are quite suspect; for a long time he has been accused of intimidation. Recently, the liquor baron was charged with murder. The case has gone to court, and further findingsare being made before the court reaches a decision. If found guilty Mr. Doda could be going to jail for a long time, although that may not affect his business network.

  • 3. Karan Brar, 

    Karan Brar is the daughter-in-law of former Cabinet Minister Harcharan Brar, she is a member of the Brar political family. Karan Brar still has some way to prove her political mettle, but she has already proven her financial status. 

Former Member of Legislative Assembly Karan Kaur Brar ran the costliest poll campaign in the Muktsar district by logging an expenditure of Rs 26.98 lakh ($3.4 million USD). Going by the election expenditure details submitted by candidates to the authorities concerned, we have no doubt that the daughter-in-law of former Cabinet Minister Harcharan Singh Braris the richest among the new crop of Punjabi politicians. 

  • 4. Sukhbir Singh Badal

Sukhbir Singh Badal is a wealthy influential Indian politician and one of the richest people in Punjab. He is the President of Shiromani Akali Dal and is also currently a Member of Parliament. His constituency is Ferozpur.

He did not start politics today; he served as Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab from 2009 to 2017, and even his father Parkash Singh Badal has served several times as Chief Minister of Punjab. 

Apart from being a politician he is an investor and has a huge amount of money invested in Orbit aviation which is a transport company. 

A girl was killed on one of the buses operated by his company, and Mr. Badal publicly denounced the incidence, even going the visit the father of the girl, giving him 30 lacks in compensation. 

  • 5. Kewal Dhillon

Kewal Singh Dhillon is a notable Indian politician from Punjab. He is the senior vice-president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), and is also notable because he was a member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly from 2012 to 2017. His constituency is Barnala, and his party is the Indian National Congress. 

Kewal Dhillon and his wife are entrepreneurs and have stakes in some joint ventures in the region, doing their part to create employment. 

  • 6. Aman Arora

Aman Arora is an Indian politician with a lot of influence around the Punjab region. He is the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Arora proved his popularity by winning his constituency in the MLA elections in March 2017 by a record of 30,307 votes.

 Aman Arora was the Co-President of the Punjab state unit of AAP. He is no stranger to being in important positions, or in handling intra party politics. 

  • 7. Ranjit Singh Gill

 Ranjit Singh Gill is the son and heir apparent of Dr. Khem Singh Gill, former Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana (PAU), Ranjit is one of the richest men in Punjab.

At around 25 years of age, he was charged with the murder of rival politician Lalit Maken and his wife Geetanjali. 

To evade capture he had escaped to the USA where he spent 13 years in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. He later requested to return to India, and upon arrival, he was immediately imprisoned.

All in all, he spent about 25 years in prison, and after being released he set up an NGO to help young people escape a life of crime. 

He is in the real estate business with his wife and has been making good use of his father’s fortune.

  • 8. Sukhpal Singh Khaira, AAP

Sukhpal Singh Khaira is an Indian politician from the region of Punjab. He is the founder of Punjab Ekta Party and a former leader of the Aam Aadmi Party. He has the distinction of being the leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly. 

 He was a member of Punjab Legislative Assembly from the Bholath constituency in the 13th Assembly which lasted from 2007 to 2012. 

  • 9. Sarabjit Makkar

Sarabjit Singh Makkar is a wealthy Indian politician from the JALANDHAR constituency in Punjab. He is quite a vocal and controversial figure and was recently charged with verbally abusing a colleague in the Legislative Assembly. 

  • 10. Adesh Partap Singh Kairon

Adesh Partap Singh Kairon is an Indian Politician from Punjab. He is also a real estate investor. He belongs to a prominent political family in Punjab; the Kairon political family. He was the longest served minister in the region. 

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Closing On The Richest Person In Punjab

As you have seen from the information above; Politics is the most lucrative business in Punjab. The biggest citizens in the state are basically those in some kind of political office. The only notable exception being the Liquor baron who could be on his way to jail.