6 Richest Communities In India 2021

Richest Communities In India
Richest Communities In India

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. This country has got over 1.3 billion people, and these people can be divided into communities. Of all communities Indians can be divided into, people wonder which of them are the richest communities in India. And this question is what we intend to provide an answer to, with this article.

Basically, the top richest communities in India are Gujaratis, Parsi, Marwari, Banias, Jains, and Sindhis. While people not from India, may wonder what these communities are about, people in this country would definitely know what they are. And for many of us from this country, we’d have no reason to doubt the communities listed above, to be the richest in the country. However, for people who do not have a good understanding of these richest communities in India, we’d be discussing these communities in detail.

Top 10 Richest Communities In India

1. Gujaratis

Gujaratis is hands-down the richest community in the whole of India. And not only is it the richest, but it also happens to be one of the largest. While many people in this country would understand that Gujaratis is a community and Gujarat is a place, a lot of foreigners may not understand this. And for this reason, we’d love to explicitly state that Gujaratis is different from Gujarat.

The interesting things about this community however doesn’t only lie in the fact that it is the richest, people from this community are also well-known to be prosperous. In fact, when you see an Indian abroad, it is very likely they’re from the Gujaratis community.

There are lots of great men and women who are or were members of the Gujaratis community, and some of these people include Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Indulal Kanaiyalal Yagnik, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Vikram Sarabhai, Azim Premji, Praful Bhavsar, Narendra Modi, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Uday Kotak, Dilip Shanghvi, Pranav Mistry, Gulzarilal Nanda, Mansukh Mandaviya, and Morarji Ranchhodji Desai.

2. Parsis

Parsis which is at times spelled as Parsees is a community in India founded by some men who traveled from Persia, down to India, a very long time ago. These men left Persia during the Muslim conquest of Persia, and ever since, they have remained in India.

Members of this community are also very rich, and they are generally nice. However, you wouldn’t find a very high number of Muslims among them, and this can be attributed to their history with Muslims.

Aside from members of the Parsis community being generally rich, they are also generally educated. Hardly would you find a member of this community who doesn’t have some form of education. And this does not exclude the women of the community. In fact, the community happens to be one of those having the highest percentage of educated women.

Richest Communities In India
Richest Communities In India

3. Marwari

Marwari which can sometimes be called Marwadi is another very rich community in India. And while this community may not be as populous as the Gujaratis community, the financial success of this community is far from being a thing you can easily discard.

And just to show there are a lot of successful people from this community, the following people are from the community: Nidhhi Agerwal, Janaki Devi Bajaj, Rahul Bajaj, Shobhana Bhartia, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Jagmohan Dalmiya, Ritu Dalmia, Abhishek Jain, Shyamanand Jalan, Rajeev Khandelwal, Rohit Khandelwal, Abhishek Singhvi, Laxmi Mall Singhvi, and Liaquat Soldier.

Giving more details about some successful people from this community, Nidhhi Agerwal is a Bollywood actress who has featured in some interesting movies like iSmart Shankar and Mr. Majnu. Another successful personality from Marwari is Kumar Mangalam Birla, a billionaire who also happens to be the chancellor of Birla Institute of Technology & Science. And for those who remember the man who won the Mr. World award in 2016, this man is Rohit Khandelwal, and he also happens to be from this community.

In short, even though Marwari may be relatively small in population, it is far from being a community you can just push aside.

4. Banias

Banias is another of the richest communities of India, although the wealth of this community can not be compared to those of the other communities we have discussed so far. Furthermore, the population of this community is relatively small, and it’s not uncommon to see many Indians dismiss the community as a minor one when it comes to some things.

While most people call this community Banias, we also have some people who have other names for the community. The community is alternatively called Baniya, Banija, Vaniya, and Vanya. And languages spoken by this community include Hindi, Marwari, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

5. Jains

Jains is another important and rich community in India, and it is one of those you can not afford to leave out of an article like this one. The population of the members of this community can not be compared to that of communities like Gujaratis, but you would still find a good number of them in the country.

For someone interested in finding Jains, places to look for them include Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. And according to the 2011 Indian censors, there were about 4.5 million of them in India, in 2011.

6. Sindhis

We have another wealthy community in India that we call Sindhis. This community is generally Muslim, but they have a lower population than the Jains community. However, when you visit a country like Pakistan, you’d find a lot of Sindhis. In fact, the number of members of this community, in Pakistan, is estimated to be about 28.5 million.

However, Pakistan and India are not the only places you may find members of this community. You can also find some of them in places like the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia. And of course, there are also a good number of them in the United States of America and Canada.