Top 10 Richest Cities In India 2021

Richest Cities In India

India is an interesting country no doubt. Here is the second-most populous country in the world, and so, one of the most famous. Apart from her rich history and culture and cuisines, the country is gaining more attention as a result of being one of the fastest-growing major economies countries. Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that one of the things that keeps pushing the country’s popularity to the world is Bollywood. The movie industry, which is famous in various continents, showcases some beautiful things about India as a whole. But then, there is more to it. 

India is the seventh-largest country by area and has a lot of cities in it. Some of these cities excel others in various regards. Sure, some are more beautiful than others, some are more populated than others, etc. However, our major concern as far as this article is concerned, is to explore the richest amongst them. 

Not all Indian cities are the same, and not all are at the same level. Some are definitely better than others in terms of wealth distribution. This is not an “Indian thing” alone. Even in other countries, some cities are wealthier than others (so, it is actually a general thing). As for India, it is impressive to note that wealth is spreading fastly (at least when compared to previous times). For some time, the country has been associated with poverty, but things are getting better. It is glaring that with the right steps and strategies, regions tagged poor can become a palace of wealth in no time. 

The most appropriate way to determine the richest cities in India is by basing things on GDP (Gross Domestic Product). And this is exactly what we will do. We will also take time to expatiate on factors that have helped push some of them to the top place amidst others. 

So, let’s get down to business. Top ten richest cities in India. Here are they: 

Top 10 Richest Cities In India

  • 1. Mumbai

Sitting on the top spot of the list is Mumbai, which is currently the richest city in India as things stand now. Mumbai is one of the classic cities India can boast of and has the highest (GDP) of $209 Billion (USD). Actually, this city rules others in various regards. In fact, it houses the highest number of millionaires in India as a whole (this shouldn’t be too surprising though). The majority of the billionaires India can boast of are made from Mumbai. 

Mumbai has other reputations aside from being the richest. For instance, it is one of the best Indian cities to live in. 

Richest Cities In India
  • 2. Delhi

Everyone knows Delhi. Here is an expensive city that has found its way into the second spot on the list of richest cities in India. Delhi is closely following Mumbai in various regards. For instance, apart from being the second richest city in the country behind Mumbai, Delhi is also the second-most populous city in India, after Mumbai. 

An undeniable edge Delhi has over Mumbai is being the capital of the country. And so, being the country’s capital, Delhi can boast of the presence of important government activities, superb infrastructures, and so on. With a GDP said to be around $167 Billion, Delhi is the second richest city in India. 

Richest City In India
  • 3. Kolkata

The third richest Indian city is Kolkata, with a GDP that is around $150 Billion. Actually, Kolkata has a reputation in India, and the city beats various others in different regards. 

Kolkata is regarded as the financial hub of North East India and can boast of a high number of important companies and industries others can only imagine. So, being a place that provides jobs for a lot of people, and wealth spreading around, the city is expected to witness a surge.


4. Bangalore

The fourth wealthiest city in India is Bangalore, and with an overall gross domestic product (GDP) of $83 Billion, Bangalore sits on the fourth spot on the list. 

Also known as Bengaluru, this city has certain features that have given it an edge over many others. To start with its natural endowments, Bangalore has a nice climate that has made it beautiful. Additionally, it is a place where technology keeps thriving (in fact, the city is called the Silicon Valley of India).

There are a lot of ICT companies in Bangalore, which made this city one of the most important ones in the whole of India. These companies have provided a lot of opportunities for residents, and it is a nice place to stay.

  • 5. Hyderabad

With a GDP that is around $74 Billion (USD), Hyderabad is the fifth wealthiest Indian city. Just like other cities mentioned earlier that have certain unique features that had set them apart from the rest of the pack and have helped positively, Hyderabad is not an exception, being the diamond trading centre in South India.

Hyderabad also called the City of Pearls, is regarded as the best Indian city to live and work in. It should be noted that this has given Hyderabad an edge over various other Indian cities, as it is possible for a city to be quite wealthy but not too conducive (due to various factors). 

  • 6. Chennai

The sixth city on the list is Chennai, with a GDP of $66 Billion (USD). Chennai is a nice place to live, and one of the beauties of India. Here is a part of India that attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Tourism helps in boosting a country’s economy, and so, Chennai has appropriately positioned itself as an important city as far as India is concerned. 

This city also prides itself as the biggest cultural and economic hub in South India. One of the reasons tourists don’t hesitate about visiting is because of the impressive extent of its security. 

  • 7. Ahmedabad

The seventh-richest city in India is Ahmedabad, with an estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of $64 Billion (USD). There are various impressive things to note about this city, and we will briefly explore some of them. 

First, the city is one industrial hub in the country that stands out. It contributes positively to India’s economic exploits. Additionally, Ahmedabad is the former capital of Gujarat state. And then, it won’t be fair if we failed to mention that this city has emerged as the best city to live in the country (beating the likes of Mumbai, Delhi, and others). 

So, this city, which has been made the third fastest-growing city of the decade, comes seventh on our list of richest cities in India.

  • 8. Pune

With a GDP of $48 Billion (USD), Pune is the eighth richest city in the whole of India, and so, sits on the eighth spot of our list. 

Pune is a city with a rich presence in the automobile industry. These industries have provided a lot of jobs and have helped position the city as one that can’t be ignored when it comes to economic exploits. 

It should also be added that the city is the second-largest one in the state of Maharashtra, and has a lot of IT firms there. So, apart from being a hub for automobile industries, Pune is also a place where IT firms seem to love. 

  • 9. Surat

The ninth city on our list is Surat, with a GDP of $40 Billion (USD). Surat is also an impressive city with some impressive features. 

To start with, this city is one of the cleanest in the whole country and is also one of the fastest-growing cities, not only in India but in the world as a whole. 

  • 10. Visakhapatnam

The tenth richest city in India is Visakhapatnam, with a GDP of $26 Billion (USD). Also known as Vizag, this city has grown tremendously over the years and is now attracting various important attention.