Top 5 Richest Chartered Accountants In India 2021 {CA}

Wealthiest CA In India
Kumar Mangalam Birla

The richest Chartered Accountants in India presently are listed in this article with details. Chartered Accountant is a worldwide recognized professional qualification. There are different areas anyone with this qualification can serve in and there are numerous tasks they can carry out, ranging from Financial Advising, Auditing of Financial Statements, and lots more. 

Chartered Accountant also known as CA which I will be using interchangeably in this article, emanated from Britain in 1854, since then, they’ve been in great demand, also earn a much higher salary. 

However, attaining the level of a CA demands a high level of dedication hence they are respected all over the world. Chartered Accountants are usually successful, and we’ll be looking into the Richest Chartered Accountants in India. 

Top 10 Richest Chartered Accountants In India

Wealthiest CA In India
Kumar Mangalam Birla

1. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Kumar is a famous CA in India, he is not just in the list of personalities in the country, he is also the richest chartered accountant the Republic of India treasures and pride in today.

He is the Chief Director and owner of a multinational empire; Aditya Birla Group, that is worth over $40 billion. The empire is among the three largest companies in India. It has successfully expanded into several global holdings of high ranked companies as well, like; Novelis, Thai Carbon Black, Alexandria Carbon Black, Domsjo, Fabriker, Terrace Bay Pulpmill, Columbian Chemicals, Aditya Birla Minerals, and Aditya Birla Chemicals

The conglomerate has further extended to 36 nations and in six continents, its wave of growth started in 1995 when Kumar was 28 years old, he raised the company’s turnover of $2 billion to a radical change of $48.3billion which can be acclaimed to his shrewd Ness, ingenuity, and far-sightedness. The organization has widened its frontiers in Investment and acquisition within and outside the country.

Birla has also chaired the executive suite of several other companies like; Hindalco, UltraTech, Aditya Birla Capital Limited, Vodafone Idea, and Grasim. The veteran’s sagacity ushered him to become the chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Committee on Corporate Governance.

He has also put down his knowledge on the Published Report on Corporate Governance titled “Report of the Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee on Corporate Governance”.

The commendation and guidance stipulated in the report have been sought-after and it is presently the foundation and benchmark for corporate governance in India.

Birla is also a philanthropist in the whole of India and the outskirts, he has contributed immensely to the welfare of the needy and helpless in the society. 

Richest CA In India
T.N. Manoharan

2. T.N. Manoharan 

T.N. Manoharan is the president of one of the greatest banks in India, The Camara Bank. He is the second wealthiest Chartered Accountant in India, an erstwhile President of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI)

Manoharan was born on 7 April 1956 in India to Smt. Sagrada Narayanasamy and Late Sri. T.L. Narayanasamy Chowdhry. He obtained a law degree from Madras University and a Postgraduate degree in commerce from Sri Venkateswara University. T.N started his career as a chartered accountant in 1983 before he became the ICAI president he first served as the Vice President.

In 2009, T.N was appointed among other six members by the Government of India to the board of Scandal Satyyam Computer  Services Ltd. His administration brought the company back from years of losses. He was also nominated by the Reserve Bank of Sahara RNBFC.

N Manoharan is an Icon and a notable personality in India. He is presently the president of  MCA Telecom Consultants Private Limited, MCAFCA Private Limited, MCA Management Consultants Private Limited, NCC Ltd, Satyyam Computer Services Ltd. Currently a member of the following executive suites; Apallate Authority, Faculty of National Academy on Direct Taxes of the Government of India, Public Health Foundation of India.

Manoharan has equally held zillion dignified positions in the past, has traveled far and wide, represented ICAI and other notable Associations in over 50 countries. He has authored several books including Textbooks, collaborated with other professionals in creating academic materials, published Academic Articles and Publications.

Manoharan’s impact has been of great value and highly esteemed, he has bagged awards and recognition from different spheres. Below are a few;

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Award for the sake of Honour
  • Indian of the Year
  • Super Achiever Award
  • Business Leadership Award among countless others. 
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

3. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was born on 5 July 1960 at Hyderabad, the capital and largest city of Telangana State, India, he grew up in Mumbai. Rakesh is the third richest chartered accountant in India, he attended Sydenham College; The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). He is married to Rekha Jhunjhunwala with 3 children.

Rakesh is the Chief Director of Rare Enterprises( a capital firm that serves customers in India) also a renowned Investor, a trader, and a film producer.

He is the chairperson and among the executive suite of the following companies; Aptech Limited, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment PVT. Ltd, Nagarjuna construction company Ltd, Provogue India Limited, Prime Focus Limited, Bilcare Limited, Praj Industries Ltd, Innovasynth Technologies Limited, Viceroy Hotels Limited, Top Security Limited, and Mid Day Multimedia.

His knowledge and Investing prowess brought him the popular names; The King of Bull Market” and “Warren Buffet of India”. T.N has experienced challenges in building his business structures, has made countless loses which contributed to his ingenuity and currently his income and stakes keep upping radically. His net worth is estimated at US$3 billion, and he is the 48th richest person in India. 

Richest Chartered Accountants In India
Naina Lal Kidwai

4. Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina was born in 1957 in Delhi, India. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delhi, attended Harvard Business School and Institute of Charted Accountants of India. She is married to Rashid K. Kidwai. She was once a CEO She was once a CEO and the country’s head of HSBC India. Naina is a banker, Charted Accountant and a business executive.  

Deepak Parekh
Deepak Parekh

5. Deepak Parekh

Deepak was born on 18 October 1944 in Mumbai where he currently resides. He is a PADMA Bhushan(an honorable title in India) and Chartered Accountant, fifth on our list of richest CA in India.

He attended St Xavier law school, Fort, he graduated from an Institution affiliate to the University of Mumbai.

In 1965, he went to England where he qualified for a chartered Accountant, he passed his ACA exams in his first sitting. 

He has worked in several companies, involved himself in high-class and widely recognized organizations. He currently occupies dignified positions and has bagged millions of awards and honors. 

There are a good number of successful and prominent chartered accountants in India. Indian CA exam is one of the toughest in the world, by that, there is a huge recommendation that every Chartered Accountant in India deserves some accolades. 


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