Top 10 Richest Beggars In India 2021

Bharat Jain

For many out there, those that beg for alms for a living are only doing that because they are poor and need just anything to survive and be alive. But it appears this article will make some begin to see things differently (after all, we learn new things every day). 

Perhaps when you see a beggar, the first thing is to start to pity them and wish they were never in that shoe. Nevertheless, you might discover that there are some beggars that don’t really need your pity. When you see these very rich beggars in India (how wealthy they have become), your sympathy should be to yourself (perhaps, you should get encouraged to work harder – not beg though). 

In this article, we will explore 7 very rich beggars in India. In fact, it was made known that some of them are well-known in the world rankings. 

Top 10 Richest Beggars In India

Bharat Jain
Bharat Jain
  • Bharat Jain

Jain is the first guy on our list. It is intriguing to note that this guy, sitting on the top of our list of richest beggars in India, is also referred to as the richest beggar in the world (which should make you picture how rich he has grown to become). 

Jain is usually seen begging for alms around the Parel region in Mumbai. Looking at his haggard clothing, you might feel he is one hungry dude that deserves your pity. But then, it might interest you to know that he is a millionaire who reportedly earns up to Rs 75,000 each month. 

That’s not all, there is more to what he earns monthly begging. He can also boast of 2 1BHK apartments that are said to be worth Rs 70 lakhs each. You can imagine how wealthy he is! 

That is not even all, there is still more. According to reports, Jain earns up to Rs 10,000 monthly renting out his place. He is a family man who has a wife and children. His family has a business which fetches them money. So, you might wonder, why is he still begging for alms? Perhaps, simply because he earns a lot from doing so. But imagine his children being asked in school what their father does for a living.

Richest Beggars In India
Krishna Kumar Gite
  • Krishna Kumar Gite

The second guy on our list is Krishna Kumar Gite. He might not be as wealthy as the first guy (yet), but being placed on the second spot should communicate a lot. He reportedly loves begging for alms around Mumbai’s Charni Road, and earn up to Rs 1500 each day! 

Additionally, he is a proud owner of a flat that is said to be worth around Rs 5 lakhs. It appears he is a guy who has got a taste for superb things, as his apartment is not just in any kind of environment, but in Nala Sopara.

There is something else that is profound which should be added. He has a brother living with him who works as his ‘accounts manager’. 

Richest Beggar In India
Pappu Kumar
  • Pappu Kumar

Pappu Kumar is regarded as the third richest beggar in India (and perhaps, one of the richest in the world too). He is said to be worth up to 1.25 crores. 

This beggar makes a lot of money by asking for alms on Patna’s rail platforms. It was made known that he has a handful of bank savings accounts! Not only these, but it was also stated that he has enough money to even lend some to small traders. 

Sarvatia Devi
Sarvatia Devi
  • Sarvatia Devi

Here comes a female – Sarvatia Devi, who is regarded as the fourth richest beggar in India. She is well-known for what she does and how rich she has grown to become. 

It was made known that Devi makes a lot of money begging for alms in the trains of Patna (she stays around the area). It should additionally be added that she is said to earn up to Rs 50,000 each month. 

Wondering what she does with the hefty money? Well, she has what it takes to live fine and nice. It has been made known that Devi can boast of her own house somewhere close to Patna’s Ashok Cinemas.

Obviously, she just decided to stick to begging – not that she doesn’t have better choices. She is said to have a daughter who is married and doing reasonably well, and that she even pays thousands of money annually as insurance. 

Sarvatia Devi has enough money that she has traveled to various places in India (even on pilgrimage). It was also made known that she loves traveling on trains without paying, and she asks for alms even on her trips. 

Malana Khan
  • Massu/ Malana

Here is another guy on the list of richest beggars in India. You can call him Malana or Massu – he is the same person. He begs for alms, but he is also very wealthy. 

According to observers, Massu has his own special way of going about what he does. He gets to the place he begs with an auto, and when he is done for the day, leaves with the same. That isn’t even all about this guy with his styles. It has been said that he has begging clothes which he wears when he is set to beg, and he does that for hours. 

It was also made known that this man enjoys doing his stuff around Mumbai’s most high end of restaurants. It appears he is pretty intelligent and thinks broadly, and it appears his strategies are paying off big time, as he earns heftily from begging for alms (he is said to earn between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 each month).

So, what does he do with his money? Obviously, he only chose to continue to ask for alms – he can choose to do other honourable businesses. He is said to be a proud owner of a property that is around Rs 30 lakhs.

  • Sambhaji Kale

The sixth person on the list of richest beggars in India is Sambhaji Kale. According to reports, Sambhaji Kale goes home with around one thousand rupees each day via his begging acts. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that he made it to the list. 

It was also observed that he begs around Khar region in Mumbai and that he has been able to get his own properties. It was made known that Kale owns two houses as well as a piece of land.

Well, there is something more to him. This beggar has been able to invest in various ventures which is believed to bring him more money too. He has bank savings with a lot of money, and he’s married too.

  • Laxmi Das

Laxmi Das is the next person on the list of richest beggars in India, and she brings attention to Kolkata.

Das has been begging for alms years before now and has been pitied by various people giving her what they’ve got. And so, she is one of the richest beggars in the country who is known to have been on the street since she was just a young teenager. 

Although she is disturbed by polio, she is said to earn up to Rs 30,000 each month. Additionally, it was made known that she has a bank account that consists of a huge amount of money. 

So, here we go with our list of richest beggars in India. Just as stated earlier, some of these guys are part of the category of richest beggars in the world, as they can boast of having expensive properties and investments. So, these ones might not really need your pity, as they are not hopeless hungry people that need what you will give them to survive for the day. Of course, we too expect them to begin honourable works in the coming days. 


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