How To Become An Auditor In India

How To Become An Auditor In India

Steps and requirements on how to become an auditor in India. When discussing the top most lucrative jobs in India, accountancy is far from one of those you could ignore. The professional not only opens you up to a lot of opportunities, it also exposes you to a lot of high-paying opportunities. But while accountancy alone can help you earn a decent living, becoming an auditor can go a long way in making your life better. Auditors have more great opportunities, and we’d recommend this profession to anyone. But how do you become an auditor? Well, this is what we intend discussing in this article.

But before delving into a full discussion, we’d like to give you a tip on the steps and requirements for becoming an auditor. Firstly, attend high school. High school is very important for anyone who’d like to become an auditor. You need this education, to learn the basic things you’d need to become an auditor. And after your high school education, you’d be expected to attend a college. Obtaining a college degree is going to take you about four years.

How To Become An Auditor In India [Steps & Requirements]

Step 1: Attend High School

For anyone who’d like to become an auditor in India, the first step needed to be taken, is to attend high school. This step is very important, and there’s almost nothing you can do to avoid it. There’s nothing so difficult about it, as long as you’re willing to dedicate time and a lot of mental effort. If you find high school challenging, you can always get someone to further coach you.

However, note that when attending high school, you are not allowed to study just some random subjects. Rather, there are subjects you’re expected to offer. And these subjects in question include: accounting, mathematics, economics, and finance. But not only should you offer them, it is also highly recommended you do well in them.

So once, you’re able to complete high school with great excellence, then you’re ready for the next step. And this next step is college.

Step 2: Attend College

College is where everyone learns most of the important things they’d need to perform as an auditor. Without a college degree, you’d hardly find anyone who’d be ready to employ you as an auditor. Furthermore, the college programme would last about 4 years, so you ought to be willing to devote the next four 4 years to learning. And if you’re aren’t able to graduate with a first-class, you should try as much as possible to graduate with a second-class upper.

As regards courses you can study at the university, accounting is recommended. But if don’t study accounting, and rather study a course related to accounting, you can still become an auditor. Some courses related to accounting, include: business, economics, and data analytic.

How To Become An Auditor In India
How To Become An Auditor In India

Step 3: Get Some Experience

However, it is worthwhile stating that anyone interested in becoming an auditor, would be expected to participate in an internship. But while it’s possible to avoid it, we wouldn’t recommend you to do so. Internships are one of the ways you can help yourself gain real-world experience. And if you just jump into a job without some real-world experience, you’re very likely to have problems performing at your job.

But good enough, there are so many organizations in India, where you can get the chance to intern. If you would like us to be more explicit about places you can intern, you should consider googling it. There are lots of information on google.

Step 4: Graduate

Upon completing an internship programme, and graduating from a college, you become an auditor, but of course with little experience. However, at your stage, you can get a job, and walk yourself up the ladder. And for people who have just arrived at this stage, there are three things we’d like to recommend. And if you can carry them out, they’d help open up a lot of great opportunities:

  1. Learn Computer Science:Computer Science continues to become a popular course, all around the world. And the reason for this is that there’s a lot to gain from computers. Computers are machines capable of making us more productive, so you’d often see them around us.

However, what a lot of new graduates don’t know, especially people trying to become auditors, is that having some knowledge of computer science can really go a long way in helping you. Employers are more willing to employ people with good knowledge of computers, so why not take advantage of this. And the best part is that computer science is not a difficult course. You only have to be willing to invest time in it.

  1. Learn a third language:Majority of educated Indians speak two languages. For instance, they speak their native language as well as the English language. But little do many new graduates realize that understanding a third language can go a long way. There are many languages in this world, and if you can learn a third one, you’d quickly see a lot more opportunities opening up to you. And it doesn’t matter if the third language is local or international. As long as the language is used by a lot of people, it should be a great language to learn.
  1. Get a CPA license:CPA license which stands for Certified Public Accounting license, is an optional thing to get. But for an auditor who wishes to work at a public company in India, you can’t avoid this license. Obtaining the license would require you to pass a certification exam. And the best part is that the exam is not very difficult. Also, the money needed to take the exam is not so much. So money should also not be a problem for most people.

That’s all about the steps and requirements on how to become an auditor in India.


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