How To Become An Astrophysicist In India [Steps & Requirements]

How To Become An Astrophysicist In India

It is no doubt that astrophysics is a great profession. But before we proceed with answering your question on how to become an astrophysicist in India, we’d like to ensure you really know what you’re doing. Astrophysics doesn’t rank as one of the most lucrative professions in the country. It is also not a profession people go into, just to show off. Rather, astrophysics is a profession people go into, for the love of it. In other words, you have to be aware of the fact that this profession doesn’t necessarily correspond to big money. However, this isn’t to mean that astrophysicists are wretched people. The point is simply that, you have to be sure you’re going into this profession because of your love for it, and not financial benefits.

Now that we’ve cleared out what your reason for studying astrophysics should be, we can now answer your question. And the answer to this question is what we’d spend the next few paragraphs on.

How To Become An Astrophysicist In India [Steps & Requirements]

Just like many other professions, the first step needed to be taken, is to attend high school. At high school, you’d be taught things that would serve as foundation knowledge. And when in high school, you’d be expected to take subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry. However, not only are you expected to take these courses, it is also pretty important that you develop great interests in them.

After completing your high school programme, the next thing to do, is to attend college. And when deciding what course you’d like to study in college, you ought to realize a course that has to do with science and engineering is what we’d recommend. For instance, you can study: mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, etc. Studying courses like law would not be helpful.

However, note that the course you study in college isn’t what’s going to make you an astrophysicist. It is a masters degree in astrophysics that would make you a true astrophysicist. In other words, after graduating from college, you have to keep in mind that you still have another degree to pursue. But unfortunately for many people, this is where they give up.

How To Become An Astrophysicist In India
How To Become An Astrophysicist In India

Very often, people embark on the journey of becoming astrophysicists, but when they graduate from the university, financial responsibilities catch up with them. And the need to make money, very often, causes them to abandon their dream, and go get a job. So if you really love to become an astrophysicist, you’ve really got to have a plan, as regards how you would handle this situation. And it is highly recommended that you start thinking of a plan, long before graduating from college.

So once you are able to successfully complete your masters degree, you then become an astrophysicist. But it is also important stating that obtaining a PhD can also do you a lot of favour. In other words, those who can afford to do some PhD, should consider doing it.


As we have stated earlier, astrophysics is not the kind of course you should study, if you’re just interested in money. If you are interested in money, you shouldn’t waster your time here, as you might end up disappointed. Rather, you should opt-in for some other professions like software engineering. In astrophysics, what has to come first is passion.

However, even though astrophysics may not be one of the most lucrative professions in India, it is however worthwhile stating that this doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Rather, it stands as one of the most important professions in the world. And our reason for saying this, is that we make discoveries and serve as the foundation for the development of the society. So for no reason should you think your course of interest has little or no value.

And for people who are already past the college level, but didn’t study an astrophysics-related course in college, all hope isn’t lost. What matters is for you to be willing to go back to college, or self-study. Astrophysics is not a profession where we discriminate, so it doesn’t matter what your age is or sex is. What matters is your mind. In this profession, we need highly intelligent and passionate people.

Another important thing we feel is worthwhile of being stated is that even if you train to become an astrophysicist in India, it doesn’t mean you can’t work in other countries. There are many Indians in foreign space programme. And if they can get into these foreign space programme, you too can also achieve such.

But the process of becoming a good astrophysicist demands a lot of time. You may have to spend a lot of years, before you can start doing great things, but you have to be willing to put in the effort required. However, while working on becoming an astrophysicist, you can always take time to mingle with people in this field. There are many online communities for astrophysicists, you just have to find them.



In closing, astrophysics is a course anyone can pursue. But what matters is that you should have great passion for it, and also be willing to put in the hard-work needed. Also, you’d need financial backing. But if you have no one to support you financially, then it would mean you have to figure out how you can sponsor yourself. And while you may not often hear about astrophysics on TVs, you shouldn’t feel like your profession is of little or no value. If you have the passion, simply go for it.


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