How To Become An Archaeologist In India (Requirements)

How To Become An Archaeologist In India

Some people would wonder why anyone would ever choose to study archaeology, but for those of us who search How To Become An Archaeologist In India, on Google, we understand why we do it. Truly technology is interesting, designing structures is interesting, treating sick people is a great thing, but for some of us, one thing that interest us the most, is learning more about our history.

We wonder, who were the first set of people to settle here, why was this building erected, who is so and so, how was language created, and so on? However, we not only ask ourselves these questions, we also make effort to answer them? And this is one of the reasons we choose archaeology. So if you’re an aspiring archaeologist, you have come to the right place, as you can take advantage of this content, to plan out your career. In this article, we’d be discussing everything you need to know about becoming an archaeologist.

How To Become An Archaeologist In India (Steps & Requirements)

Becoming an archaeologist is not difficult, compared to some other professions. However, you should note that it takes a pretty long time to complete the process of becoming an archaeologist. In other words, this profession demands that a person has interest in it, for them to succeed at it. And aside interest, the following are the requirements and steps needed to become an archaeologist in India.

  • Opt in for humanities at high school

For anyone interested in becoming an archaeologist, opting in for humanities, in high school, is very important. In other words, it would be expected of the person to study some of the following courses in high school: history, anthropology, geography, art, and literature. But for people who have already opted in for something else (and completed high school), but would love to become archaeologists, all hope isn’t lost, as there are some universities that allow such.

  • Study archaeology in college

After completing high school, the next thing expected of a student interested in becoming an archaeologist, is to start an undergraduate programme in a college. And the programme should revolve around archaeology. An undergraduate programme on this disciple usually takes 4 or 5 years, but it’s not impossible to find a college which would have a different duration.

Some good universities in India, where you can study archaeology, include: the Mahatma Gandhi University, the Banaras Hindu University, the Barkathullah Vishwa Vidyalaya, and the Maharaj Sayajirao University.  

How To Become An Archaeologist In India
An Archaeologist
  • Obtain a masters degree in archaeology

For a lot of profession, it is not important to obtain a masters degree, to become pretty successful. However, archaeology isn’t really like that. In this disciple, you can have a life without a masters degree, but the kind of life you’d have, wouldn’t be comparable to what you could. In other words, it is highly recommended that you also obtain a masters degree.

And for those interested in schools from which masters degrees in this discipline can be obtained, we have the following recommendations: the Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, the University of Kerala, the Bangalore University, and the Institute of Archaeology.


While the three items listed above, are the steps needed to be taken, to become an archaeologist, there are requirements. For instance, anyone who has the intention of becoming a professional in this field, would need to be very hardworking and dedicated. Even though archaeology isn’t full of mathematics and the likes, it doesn’t mean the discipline is some joke.


Another requirement for becoming an archaeologist, is that a person has to be very open-minded and honest. By this, we mean someone who is always ready to listen to new ideas, and would be glad to dismiss ideas that are found to be false. If you are currently not this kind of person, then you’d have to work on yourself. Without this, an archaeologist is very unlikely to go far in their career. In other words, this is a very important requirement.


For many professions, the ability to work in teams is very important. And archaeology is not an exemption. When practicing this discipline, you’d often be working with teams, so it is very important to be good at working in teams. In other words, you have to understand people, and you have to be able to communicate effectively. And as regards communication, we’d like to state that it’s very important that you’re able to speak good English. Even though you might be based in India, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be working with foreigners. In fact, you might find yourself travelling down to countries where your native language isn’t spoken.


Another important requirement is that you have to be willing to learn things outside your discipline. In fact, this is one of those things that separates some great archaeologist from the ordinary ones. Take for instance, an archaeologist who understands how to program, would have significant edge over one who doesn’t. There are many other examples I can give, but let’s not waste time on that.

Conclusion On How To Become An Archaeologist In India

In summary, archaeology is not the kind of profession where we often get to have our names all over the media. It is rather a profession practiced by people who have genuine interest in human history. It might to easy to think archaeologist holds no importance in this society, but that isn’t true. The value of archaeology is enormous, although we can’t discuss that in this article, considering the length of this content.


And with a degree in archaeology, there are a good number of places where you can work. You can work in a museum, or even teach. And the pay for this profession is far from being terrible. In other words, you can earn a decent living with this degree.

That’s all about the How To Become An Archaeologist In India.


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