How To Become An Actor In India

How To Become An Actor In India

Simple steps on how to become an actor in India. Becoming an actor in India is very difficult. However, being difficult is not the same thing as impossible. In other words, becoming an actor in this country would require a lot of intelligence and hard work. And without these two elements, your chances of becoming an actor would be very slim.

And why is it so difficult? The reason for this is that India is home to billions of people. In other words, you are competing with several other intelligent, talented, and hardworking people. And for you to become an actor in this movie industry, you would have to invest a lot of effort. So if you’ve really made up your mind to put in whatever it takes, then let’s get started with this article on how to become an actor in India.

How To Become An Actor In India (Steps)

Becoming a Bollywood actor is possible for almost everyone. In other words, there aren’t any serious requirements. But rather than requirements, there are a lot of steps needed to be taken, and we’d be discussing them one-by-one.

Steps on becoming an actor in India

  • Move to Mumbai

It is no news that Mumbai is the home of Bollywood. This is the place where things get done. And for anyone aspiring to become an actor in this country, it is very important to move to Mumbai. Without being in Mumbai, you wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that would help your career.

And yes, we understand how expensive Mumbai is, but the benefit of being in this city, are many. However, this isn’t meant to mean that you can never become an actor without being in Mumbai. It’s just that things would be a lot tougher for aspiring actors who aren’t in this city.

  • Attend a training

 It is no doubt that a lot of successful Bollywood actors are self-taught. In other words, many of them were not necessarily trained by anyone. And if you ask these guys for advice, they’d probably ask you not to waste your time on these so-called trainings out there.

But while these guys are right in some aspect, they are wrong in some. The claim that trainings have nothing to offer, is very far from the truth. Many of them became successful with little or no help, but this doesn’t mean they couldn’t have benefited from trainings.

So rather than asking aspiring actors not to attend any trainings, we’d rather say this: attend a training, but keep in mind that attending a training doesn’t guarantee anything. Trainings can only help you reach your goals faster, but your success lies in your hands.

However, you have to be careful of some trainings which charge a lot of money, but deliver almost nothing. In fact, there are a lot of them out there. So when deciding what training to attend, pick wisely.

  • Master Hindi

 Hindi is the chief language used in Bollywood. And if anyone dreams of becoming successful in this industry, they have to master Hindi really well. If you aren’t good at the language, you must spend time working on yourself.

How To Become An Actor In India

  • Create a name for yourself

 At any point in time, there are always lots of people trying to become actors and actresses in Bollywood. And for you to stand out, you’d have to start doing some things differently. Acting different is one of the ways you can easily rise above the pool of aspirants, and latch onto your dreams.

In other words, try to make a name for yourself. You can create an interesting YouTube video, or take part in things that can provide you some little fame. By doing this, you increase your chances of getting spotted by successful people in the industry.

  • Network

 In the professional world, networking is a thing done very often. And this doesn’t exclude Bollywood. In fact, even the successful people in this industry still network. By networking, you get to meet new people who might serve as stepping stones for you. You can’t just walk up to someone and expect them to do you a favour. Rather, cultivating a relationship first, is how you can receive special favours.

And how can you go about this? Well, it’s pretty simple. One of the ways you can network is to attend events. When you attend events, you get to meet new people. And this can be taken advantage of. However, social events aren’t the only way to network, there are so many other ways. And we suggest you start reading books on the art of networking.

There would be some of you who would find it hard to connect with people. If you find yourself in such a situation, we’d encourage you not to give up. You should be aware that you wouldn’t be the first person to face such a problem. In other words, if you keep striving on learning how to network, you’d get good at it, with time.

  • Practice

 This is probably the most important point. And we decided to make it our last point, so that you can remember it, even after finishing this article. Regardless of whatever your profession is, practice is not a thing you can avoid. Even if you are talented, you still cannot avoid practicing.

Practicing is how you get to learn about your flaws. It is also how you get to improve yourself. In other words, you have to be willing to do a lot of work in this aspect. If you read stories about successful Bollywood actors, hardly would you find one of them who didn’t work hard. Even up till now, we still see many of them practicing. In summary, practice, practice, and practice.

  • Auditions & Interviews

As much as possible attend interviews and auditions, continously without giving up even if you fail to be picked many times.


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