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Animation Careers In India

Animation career in India is one of those things people can’t stop asking about. And if finding out more about it, is what landed you here, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’d be providing all information you need. But for those who can’t wait to hear our verdict, we’re going to ask you not to jump into animation. However, for people who are very passionate about animation, we’d encourage you to go ahead and pursue a career in animation.

As regards things we’d be discussing in this article, we’d be discussing things like: how to go about becoming an animator, good schools from which you can obtain a related degree, requirements for becoming a great animator, and many more.

Animation Careers In India

  • Art Director
  • Stop Motion Animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Flash Animator
  • Compositing Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Mathematical Modeler
  • Forensic Animator
  • Render Wrangler
  • Texture Artist

However, don’t get me wrong. Even though we’ve stated animation not to be a very lucrative career, this isn’t to mean you can’t earn a decent living as an animator. You actually can.

So let’s assume you’d still like to take up a career in animation, how do you go about becoming an animator? Well, the following steps, are what you need to carry out:

  • Get high school education:Just like almost every other profession, becoming an animator is a thing that requires high school education. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Without an high school education, you may be able to work as an animator, but things wouldn’t be easy. In other words, getting high school education is highly recommended for anyone interested in having a great career in animation.
  • Get a degree: Upon completion of your high school education, the next step expected of you, is to get a degree in a course related to animation. Without such a degree, there are a lot of companies who wouldn’t employ you. So getting a degree is another important step. And if you wonder what some animation-related degree are, here are some of them:
      • BA in Animation and Multimedia
      • BA in Animation and CG Arts
      • BSc in Animation and Multimedia
      • BA in Animation and Graphics Design
      • Bachelor of Visual Arts
      • BA in Digital Film-making and Animation
      • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics and Web Design
      • BSc in Animation and Gaming
      • BSc in Animation and VFX
Animation Careers In India
3D Animation

Furthermore, all the courses listed above, would take you about 3 years to complete. And as regards higher institutions where you can obtain any of the degree listed above, here are some of them:

Institutions Offering Animation Courses In India

  • Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata
  • Global Institute of Gaming and Animation, Chennai
  • Zee Institute of Creative Arts, New Delhi & Cochin
  • Indian Institute of Film and Animation, Bangalore
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • Apeejay Institute of Design, South Delhi
  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada

It is also worthwhile stating that there’s no point worrying about which of these institutions are the best. All these institutions above all offer good programme, so feel free to choose any one of them.

So once you obtain an animation-related degree, you are fit to go into the business world, and start searching opportunities. A college degree in such a course is what you need, things like masters are unnecessary. And if you have no strong reason for going after a masters degree, we’d advise you not to waste your time, trying to get one.


It is impossible to specifically state the amount of salary you’d earn as an animator. However, you can expect something between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000. And as you climb up the ladder, your salary would increase. However, the chances of you getting paid more than Rs 55,000, is very low.


While we must have answered all questions you have about animation career in India, we have something we’d like you to know.

To become a very successful animator in this country, there are requirements. Although, without these requirements, you can still become an animator. But with them, you stand great chances of standing out among your work makes. And what are these requirement? Well, here they go:

  • You need the ability to express ideas through drawings
  • You need an appreciation of aesthetics
  • You need great visual imagination
  • You need good computer skills
  • You need to be highly creative
  • You need to be detail-oriented
  • You need to be a perfectionist
  • You need knowledge of CAD
  • You need good colour sense
  • You need artistic skills


Animation career in India is enough to earn you a decent living. But if you are interested in very high paying jobs, then you might have to consider some other profession. And as for people who are extraordinarily passionate about this profession, we’d encourage you to proceed, as animation is full of fun.

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